Monday, April 23, 2007

9 year old boys!

I have just been thinking lately about how much I love 9 year old boys. I'm almost sad that they are almost 10 because I think 9 has to be the greatest age I've encountered so far. They are so independent and yet still so snuggly. I can see them already becoming gentlemen, wanting to take care of the ladies of the house. They can wrestle with their friends and act all cool, yet they aren't to shy to wave feverishly at their mom each morning as the bus pulls away from the stop. And, they don't have any of the hormonal/emotional stuff that comes with 9 year old girls that can be oh so challening. It's just a neat age. Half way to being a man, only half way from being a baby. It's a neat mix of characteristics that I enjoy alot!

As way of an example, here's a cute conversation I overheard the other day:

Jaden is talking about how he really wants this pirate alarm clock from the back of a cereal box for $4.95. HE says to Jonathan, "How can I get my hands on $4.95?". Then he says, "Mom, can you give me some chores so I can make $4.95?" I tell him that I can. Then he says to Jonathan, "Never mind, I'll just bet Josh." Jonathan:"Yeah, I bet Josh all of the time, he owes me like $6.00 now."

I, for some reason just found this the cutest thing in the world...seeing how the mind of a nine year old works. Of course we had to have a conversation about how gambling isn't really a legitimate way to earn money...

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Trina said...

Does Kenny owe him any money? Ha-Ha! Kenny would just ask for the money instead of doing chores to earn it. If I say no, he calls my mom and she sends it in the mail.