Friday, July 27, 2007

2 weeks old

Already. Wow. She is generally doing great. She still is not back to birthweight yet, which means I have been pumping and giving her bottles so that we can monitor her intake. I think I'll have to do this at least until her 1 month check-up and we'll see how much she weighs then. It's a PITA to say the least, but I really, really want to keep breastfeeding. Here's some more pics...

She's holding her nose. This is after I apologized to her for stinking so bad since I was not able to get a shower that day. Too funny!!

Here she is all dressed up for church.

She has a blocked tear duct in her left eye which you can see here. Poor thing.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Life with a Newborn

Other possible titles for this post included: "Sleeping is for losers!" or "The Hormone Swing: Not just a thrill ride anymore!" or "Oh, my aching nipples"!.

I am finding life with a newborn, so far, to be a bit like a Dickens novel: it is the best of times and the worst of times.

It's the best of times because Hayleigh is just so sweet. I love looking at her perfect little fingers and toes and ears and her skin is so soft and she makes sweet little squeaking noises. SHe is starting to have some awake time where she is just looking around and absorbing the crazy environment around her. She is just so perfect...I am often just overwhelmed with her miniature perfection. I also love seeing the children interact with her. I knew Trisha would be great, but I have to admit how surprised I am by Ryan. He is totally protective of her and just so cute. One morning, he came into my room, checked on the baby, nodded his head, and walked out of the room without saying a word.

Of course, it's also the worst of times. Not getting any sleep, nursing until I feel like my breasts are going to fall off, feeling guilty for neglecting the other children because Hayleigh's needs are so consuming, etc, etc, etc. Last night, Hayleigh nursed for three hours straight! Three hours, people. Just let that sink in for awhile. I'm committed to breast feeding. It has many, many benefits for both of us, not to mention, I think it might be my ticket to losing some of this baby weight. So, committed in fact, that I've called several lactation consultants, doulas, medela dealers, etc. (read:perfect strangers) to talk about my breasts. It's a pride-sucking experience.

I know things will get better, we'll get into a routine. I know I'm going to blink and Hayleigh is going to be in college. I am trying to enjoy every moment I have with her...even if it is 2 in the morning!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hayleigh Alexandra

Join us in welcoming Hayleigh! She was born July 10th on Ryan's birthday. (Yes, 5 kids, 2 birthdays!) 2:33 pm after a wonderful 6.5 hour labor. She was 8 pounds, 3 ounces and 21 inches long.

We're in love!

Friday, July 06, 2007


NO, this is not the fear of never giving birth, although I think I am developing that as well. Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. While my sister has a very long, documented case of such an issue, I first developed it just a few short days ago....

We were eating at a wonderful famiyl establishment where kids eat free on Tues. They also have a clown there for entertaining. For anonymity sake, we'll call her "Bubbles". "Bubbles" is known as the slowest clown known to humankind. YOu can wait in line for 20 minutes to get your face painted and a balloon animal, that is if only one person is ahead of you. So, Trisha gets in line and is finally ready to get her face painted. Here's the conversation that ensues:

Bubbles: Yup, there's lots of kids who have drove by here and left crying because they didn't see Bubbles van. You know why they don't see Bubbles van?
Trisha: Shrug
Bubbles: Because Bubbles was a bad, bad girl. Do you want to know why Bubbles was a bad, bad girl.
Trisha: looks at me for help
Bubbles: Because I brought my jeep. My van is in the shop. I took it in and the guy said it was my fuel pump. And I said what? And he said yeah. And I said what? And he said yeah. And I said I got my fuel pump fixed 2 years ago, and he said that'll be $500. And, that's why there are lots of kids crying tonight.
Trisha: looks at me for help

Now, if that weren't bad enough. 3 hours later after all of my kids had gotten their balloon animals and painted faces,we were ready to leave. TO leave, you have to pass Bubbles table. So, while Rob leaves the tip I am walking past with all of the kids. Bubbles has a line about 20 miles long. (Apparently, some parents had thought since they didn't see Bubbles van it was safe to go in.) As I am walking past, she yells out to me:

Bubbles: Hey lady! Whatcha got there? (Pointing at my belly)
Me: Yeah...I had a little too much to eat at the buffet tonight. (Keep walking)
Bubbles: No, really. Whatcha got there?
Me: Uh, it's a baby. (Somehow I thought that was a rheotrical question)
Bubbles: Haven't you learned what causes that yet? I could pull you aside and tell you?
Me: Ha. Ha. (Pulling out tazer gun.)
Bubbles: When are you due? Last week.

Unfortunately, Bubbles is no longer with us. But, I do wish her all of the best in eternity.