Monday, August 27, 2007

The Decadians

The date was August 27, 1997. It was before President Clinton "did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinski", and when Princess Diana was still alive (if only for a few days). There were still two twin towers and relative peace in the middle east. Locally, we were excited to start a new Steelers season with Kordell, Yancey Thigpen, and that new guy, Jerome Bettis. I don't remember what gas prices were, but I can guarantee the words "hmmmm 2.63 a gallon, that's pretty good" never came out of my mouth. And, in three short minutes my life changed forever with the birth of three precious little souls.

Those precious little souls turned 10 today. 10. That's almost unbelievable. Many moments of these 10 years are such a blur. But, I do remember the sleepless nights and trying to keep in mind that seasoned mothers of multiples told me the first year was the hardest. Then, when they got to be arounud 18 months, I realized the mothers of multiples lied to new mothers...the second year is the hardest. I remember snuggles and bedtime kisses. I remember firsts: walking, talking, preschool, kindergarten. I remember them loving Barney, Sesame Street, and the Teletubbies. I remember seeing God in a fresh perspective that only young children can bring. Oh, it's been tiring and stressful and hard, but it has been rewarding and exciting and wonderful.

Now, Barney and Teltubbies have given way to Hannah Montana and High School Musical. The firsts we have to look forward to are more scary: crushes, kisses, heartbreaks. Lucky for me, I still get plenty of snuggles and bedtime kisses. The long, lonely days of being home with toddlers has given way to days that go by far too quickly. I am so proud of who my children are at this age. I really give most of this credit to God. I love who each one of them is and are turning into.

I can't beleive my babies are 10. Sure, the world may have changed a lot since this date 10 years ago, but not nearly as much as those teeny tiny babies changed my world and stole my heart. Happy Birthday guys, I love you.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

La La Land

There's where I must have been a few short months ago. You see, I imagined that by 6 weeks, Hayleigh would be sleeping through the night, I would be back in my pre-pg clothing and I would be back volunteering at church and school just like before. Instead, we are still up twice a night, my maternity clothing is now my regular clothing and I am lucky if I can shower daily, much less help someone else do something. What was I thinking???

Speaking of La La Land, sleep deprivation does strange things to people. I remember with the trips this little exchange happened:

Jaden's NICU nurse: "You look so well rested Mrs. Klan, I know you can't be getting much sleep."

Me: (At least what I thought I said or meant to say)"Well, caffeine does wonders."
Me: (What I actually said) "Cocaine does wonders".


This time:
Me:"Hi, Trisha's othodontic applaince is loose, she needs to see the doctor."
receptionist: "Well, the doctor is out of town this week. The soones we can get her is next Tuesday."
Me: "Ok, that will be it OK if she eats" ?
Receptionist: (LONG PAUSE) "Well it probably wouldn't be good for her to eat nothing for the next week."
Me: Yeah...

Also, I tend to stop mid sentence and never finish, like this example

Me:"Hi. can you babysit for me on Tuesday. Just the four older kids, I'll take the baby."
Babysitter:"Sure. What time?"
Me:"Well if you could be here at 5 till 9 .........."
Babysitter: "OK"
Well, when she didn't show up at 8:55, I called her mom. SHe thought I wanted her from 5-9 pm. And, since I didn't finish my sentence, well who could blame her.

And then there was this really funny one involving the mailman and a pair of socks.........................................................................................................

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pony League World Series and Some Laughs

So, a few days ago Jaden participated in what has become a yearly event for him: The "Friends" game that opens the Pony League World Series. This is something that is very exciting for Jaden. And, for some reason, every year I always get emotional watching it. I'm not always sure why. I thought perhaps it was because I was so happy to see Jaden so excited...that could be. I thought perhaps it was because of the contrasts. I mean here are some of the best 13 and 14 year old players in the world, and then there's Jaden, which although extremely athletic and wonderful, a Pony league player he will never be. Maybe that's it, but heck, Jonathan or Ryan are mostl likely never going to play in the Pony League World Series, and that doesn't upset me. So, for some years now I haven't been able to put my finger on it. Until this year.

I realized the reason I get so emotional is because of the condescension. Like the announcer continually saying how the "friends" are creaming the pony leaguers and how embarassing it is. I don't think Jaden knows any better. FOr now, I think he still believes that he legitimately beat a Pony League team. I'm not going to be the one to tell him, but I feel bad that one day he is going to figure it out and that might taint the memories he has of these games. I don't think he knows yet, that to the fans and the players, we are to be pitied. I don't know how he will feel when he figures that out.

ANYWAYS, to brighter topics...some recent quotes:

Ryan: "Jaden what was the final score?"
Jaden:"Like 10 to 0"
Ryan: "Whoa man you totally dominated!"
Trisha: "Mom, can I get hardwood floors in my bedroom for my birthday?"
Me: "No."
Trisha: "Ok. How abut hair extensions?"
Jonathan: "Jaden I know you want to be a professional basketball player when you grow up, but what if that doesn't work out. You need a Plan B."
Ryan: (while looking at Hayleigh's naked chest) "Pretty soon, Hayleigh, those are going to get really big."
Me: "I think I am going to need to buy Trisha some bras".
Rob: "Shut up"
Me: "well, you know, she is going into 4th grade, and I think I had my first bra in 4th grade. And, if you think of it, she could be in 5th grade, and heck, some girls had their periods when I was in 5th grade."
Rob: "No, really. Shut up."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Month Old

Ok, I lied..she's really five weeks old, but I did mean to put these pics up when she turned 1 month old.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


It wasn't long after becoming a mother that I realized my main job was to keep life balanced in the home. Maybe many first time moms don't see that, maybe they do. But, because I had triplets and one with "special needs", I quickly saw that without some vigilance things could quickly get unbalanced.

For instance, I never have liked the term "special needs" when referring to a handicapped child. Because, really what does this mean?? I mean really all of us have special needs. I know that Trisha has a special need for cuddling and for one-on-one time...always has. I know that Jonathan has a special need to have his own space and to be warned of things that are going to be different from the norm. Ryan has a special need to have his sensitive side protected. And, to think for one instance that Jaden's special needs have anything to do with his inabiltiy to walk would be to not value him as a person. He has a special need to talk through anxious situations and to be given opportunities to act like any other child. So, you see they each have needs and no one is greater than the other or more legitimate than the other.

All of this to say, that I have decided to let up on myself and the breastfeeding. This comes after several days of near constant feeding. You see, Hayleigh's special needs right now are for nutrition and for physical touch. And, through breastfeeding her needs have usurped the needs of everyone else in the house and things have gotten terribly unbalanced. SO, I began thinking that if I could meet her need for nutrition and closeness in a way that doesn't take ALL DAY LONG then that might be a good idea for all of us, even if does mean (GASP!) that she may have to drink formula from time to time. If by doing that it can free up some of my time to meet the special needs of my other kids and hey, maybe even a need or two of my husband's and still meet Hayleigh's needs, I think it has to be a win/win.

Of course, I wish I was able to successfully EBF (exclusively breastfeed) at least one of my kids. Just not in the cards. I'm not sure I am willing to throw my entire family under the bus when there is a way that is easier and softer on all of us. It's more balanced. And, that's my job. To keep balance in the home, so that everyone here can find a place where there special needs are being met.