Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So, what are you doing with all of your free time?

That seems to be the question of the week. So, to everyone who has asked, here are the top 10 things I plan on doing with my free time:

10. Attempt to get my name on the highscore board daily on's Phrase Frenzy
9. Call my sister everyday when the kids get on the bus (7:30 her time) to wake her up, just for the fun of it.
8. Work hard at breaking the world record for number of Bon-Bons eaten in one day.
7. Exercise incessantly until I have the perfect body...NA! Scratch that, that doesn't sound like fun afterall!
6. Have lunch everyday with a different friend.
5. GO shopping to buy new outfits so that I look fabulous when I go out to lunch with my friends.
4. Take up a new addiction.
3. Stalk my children up at school. BTW, binoculars are on my wish list for my birthday, people.
2. Become a "Master Lurker" in the blog world by reading and never commenting.

And, the number one thing I plan on doing with my free time....
1. Get regular haircuts, eyebrow waxings, manicures and pedicures.

So, there!

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Letter to My Kids on Their First Day of School

Dear Kids,

Well, it's here. The first day of school. Summer sure flew by. There were so many things that I wanted to do with you this summer. But, as usual, time flew by and most of them went un-done. However, I do think we had a great time together even with the few wrenches thrown into our plans.

Trisha, when I hugged you goodbye this morning, I didn't want to let go. You have such a sweet, caring spirit and I know the world can be cruel. I think your teacher is going to do a great job of nurturing your creative side, but I know you are worried about some of the girls in your class. I wish I could tell you that girl politics will get better, but I am afraid it doesn't. Just know what an awesome person you are, and know that I am going to pay very, very close attention to that this year. I love you.

Jonathan, when I hugged you goodbye this morning, I didn't want to let go. I am amzed at what a responsible young man you are becoming and I am amazed at what a gentleman you are. I have some concerns about your some ways, she reminds me of the one you had in first grade. I'm praying that she'll bond with you immediately and appreciate your humor and your willingness to learn in the same way your dad and I do. I love you.

Jaden, when I hugged you goodbye this morning, I didn't want to let you go. I know how hard this is for you. I know how anxious you are. I could see the fear on your face as you got on the bus. But, you were brave and you did it and I am very, very proud of you. I am excited for you because your teacher seems great and the aide that you love is back for another year. You're an extremely hard worker and wherever you go you motivvate people. I love you.

Ryan, when I hugged you goodbye this morning, I didn't want to let you go. Oh my gosh, how fast time has flown! And, despite my wishing and calling you my "baby", it became very clear this morning that you certainly are a big boy and very ready for first grade. You're definitely a free spirit and part of me worries about your obedience level in school. I know that you'll do great, your teacher is awesome and you love to learn and you love to please. I love you.

It's weird, given the way the last week went with all of the fighting, I was really looking forward to this day. After your busses left, I went back inside the house and I couldn't believe how quiet it was...nearly too quiet. In fact, here it is 11:30 and I miss you terribly. In fact, I'm going to go up to school soon so I can stalk you while you're at recess.

May God bless you and keep you, may He make your paths straight, may He cause your teachers to fall in love with you and may He raise up friends who will be a positive influence in your lives.

All my love, Mom

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Goodness!

I haven't posted in so long. It's not that I haven't thought about you, it's just that we have been so busy enjoying the last few days of summer vacation. Here's waht we've been up to:

Ryan at First Grade Orientation. I really haven't seen him that quiet and still in a very, very long time. His teacher is very nice and nurturing. She greeted him by getting down to his eye level and telling him how glad she was to have him in her class. ROb asked if I cried. Um, yeah, nearly. Very different from my first first grade orientation experience.

Trisha is getting ready to do the rock-climbing wall at the the Triplets' ninth (yes, that's right, ninth, birthday party!)

That's Rob up on the tippy top of the rick climbing wall. As you can guess, his colon is feeling better and he is nearly 100%. Hooray!

Here's the crazy boys at the birthday party. We had both boys and girls together. I was surprised that there was some boy/girl chasing. But, overall, I think it was just good, clean fun! Although I do use the term "clean" very, very loosely! :)

This is Jaden up to bat at the Pony League World Series Opening Game. It was the perfect day for baseball. Jaden has been playing in a league sponsored by the Washington Wild Things for special need children. They are called the Lil Wild Things and do lots of neat things. This game to open the Pony League World Series is just one of them.

Here we are at a Washington Wild Things game. Jaden got to go out to the Pitchers MOund and be on the field for the singing of the National Anthem...another perfect day!

That's just a few highlight. I promise to get bback to the witty and touching stories(if I do say so myself) after the 28th. Until then, here's to enjoying what's left of summer!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

One big basket of eggs

Rob was in the hospital for 5 days last week/this week. That wasn't a lot of fun, I have to be honest. He's better now and I think he's going to be fine. But, I don't like going to sleep alone. Because then all I have to keep me company is my thoughts.

Here's the thing: After the triplets were born, I made a decision to stay at home with them, to become a housewife, if you will. I have pretty much always worked some sort of parttime position, but as far as being career-minded goes, that pretty much went out the window in 1997. This isn't something I think of often, but by choosing to be a housewife, I have pretty much put all of my eggs in the "rob" basket. I am pretty much totally dependent on him for my financial well-being. Normally, this thought doesn't really come to mind, or if it does, it doesn't bother me, but with him laying in a hospital bed and doctors not being sure what was wrong, this really began to bother me. IN fact, it has me totally rethinking my decision not to work. Everyone knows it's not a good idea to have all of your eggs in one basket.

Rob tells me he has plenty of life insurance and he was kind enough to say I still have some things going for me so I could find another man. Great. Just what I want. After I worked so hard to break in this one! Of course, it looks like ROb is going to be around for a good long time, but I'm still going to be looking for that job!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Pediatician

Ryan saw the Pediatrician this week for his well visit. He is doing very well. But, I did receive some very, very upsetting news at the visit: Dr. Porter is leaving the practice and moving to NY.

Dr. Porter joined the practice right around the time Ryan was born and he's been my favorite ever since. He's been there for well visits and visits with sick kids. He's handled my slightly-neurotic-albeit-inside-the-bounds-of-normal questions without making me feel like an idiot. We've talked about the danger/benefits of vaccinations and he's given me tips on how to get my children to do or stop doing just about anything I've wanted them to do or stop doing. He's called my home after Jaden's surgeries to make sure we were OK. He knows off the top of his head that Ryan had some blood work done at 2 years old, and still sucks his thumb, and that Jonathan has an "innocent" heart murmer. (Not the kind that will kill him on a rollercoaster, I asked). He's reassured me that yes, around 9 years old, girls do start to change a bit.

In a nutshell, I've entrusted Dr. Porter with the health and wellbeing of my children, which is, in essence, trusting him with my heart. That's why I'm not embarassed that when he gave me a hug and wished my family well, I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

Now on to terrorizing the newbie...