Thursday, October 11, 2007

3 months old's so sad!

Here she is showing us this new thing she found in her mouth.

Showing off her great neck strength.

Sucking her thumb. Yes, another one we'll have to get orthodontia for.

Smily Girl!

Just a cute, chubby little baby :)

She's smiling, laughing, squealing, cooing, sleeping through the night. Like Ryan said, "It's like she's finally growing some brains!"


AmyinMotown said...

Now THAT is a darling baby. I love the picture of her with her tongue out. 3 months is not sad--this is when The Cute really starts to sink in and you become crazy in love with this little person! Then when they turn two you don''t sell them on Ebay (at least that's how it's worked out for me :-) ).

Maki said...

SOOOOOO delighted to see the way Hayleigh is growing beautifully! It is fun to see how much she looks like her birthday buddy - although much feminized, of course.

Enjoy, enjoy!