Friday, June 06, 2008


Here's where Rob and I stayed for our trip to Arizona. Isn't it lovely??? It was for our 15 year anniversary. Bob and Linda answered the call and bravely watched all 5 kids for 4 whole days. I did keep a very rigorous laying schedule, I must say. I'll miss my lounge chair. You all need to go. Really. Leave your kids and go. It was awesome.


AmyinMotown said...


Also,I mentioned your blog in Strollerderby Playdate today. Get ready for fame and fortune (NOT).

Tracie Butka said...

Welcome Back! We missed you! I am very very jealous , but proud of you both for going and spending time that you both so deserved! Oh by the way Congraualtions on 15 blessed years together.
The Butkas