Sunday, May 03, 2009

2 Weeks to Go

To be perfectly honest, a large part of me never thought I would make it this far.

I mean, really. I am not the "athletic" type. Just ask the kids in grade school who picked me last for dodgeball, kickball, or any other ball game. Or the softball coach that put me in right field. Or the ski team that left me in the dust. Athletic stuff...just not me. I tried to get into running once maybe about 9 years ago. I maybe got up to like 1/4 mile. Just not me.

It IS like me to start a new "healthy lifestyle" plan and get really excited about it and then hit a roadbump or a snag and then give up and give in. That is like me. And then, once I had given up or given in, it would add to my "further proof that I will always be fat" or "further proof that I am not athletic" mindset.

This is different though.

I've hit roadbumps. I've hit snags...and I've kept going.
I've heard that voice in my head that said I could never do it...and I've kept going.
I've looked at a busy schedule that made it nearly impossible to get runs in...and I've kept going.
I've had aches and pains...and I've kept going.
I've had nearly 1 million reasons/excuses to stop...and I've kept going.

Saturday I ran 6 miles. No one is more surprised than me!


noblekleigh said...

I am certainly not surprised. I am making a race day playlist for us!! I will let you know what to download :)

Bridget said...

YOU ROCK NIKKI!! So proud of you!!

Amy said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog, somewhere in my own search for training ideas for my own 10k in 10 weeks. But I love it! It has been very fun to read and see another "control freak" like myself. I too love the treadmill and I also get beyond anxious thinking of all the things that could happen when I run outside. I have a ton of weight to lose from my last baby, so I'm optimistic about reaching my goal both in weight and finishing that 10k. Thanks for the inspiration today.