Sunday, March 27, 2011

Staches and Stumes

So, lately it would seem like most of my weekends are spent with teenagers. One of the kids usually wants me to take them somewhere or another with their friends. And, here comes a deep confession (shhhh....just between me and you...don't tell anyone) ... I actually enjoy it. It's God's little surprise to me, really. I didn't think I would enjoy teenagers, especially middle schoolers. My own middle school experience, well, sucked. But, I love my weekends with kids and their friends.

Take this weekend for example.

Friday night Trisha and a friend went to the movies. I have begun letting them go into the theater by themselves, which was a big milestone to be sure. When they came out, they were giggling and covering their mouths with their hands because, afterall, they were wering moustaches. "Mom. Will you take us to McDonald's even if we wear these in?" HA! I will not embarass so easily, I thought. "I will only take you to McDonald's IF you wear them in."

Most weekends, something similar to this happens. It's like, let's see what we can do that will embarass your mom. If I don't embarass right away, it's like they need to amp up the embarassment. Either by playing on the play center or saying hi to random people who then try to figure out where they know me from, stuff like that. So, really, walking into McDonald's with two girls with moustaches was no big deal. Child's play, really. I only had to wonder what else they might attempt to be random and embarassing.

Not Friday night though. No sir. Because on this night, the gods were smiling on moms all over the world.

The girls were up ordering their shakes when I saw them walking across the parking lot. By them, I mean boys. Three boys. Three cute boys. Oh, I suppose I could've gone up and warned the girls they were coming, but what fun would that have been? The boys saw the girls and and the girls saw the boys and off went the moustaches. So predictable and so funny. Apparently, cute boys are the STILL the antidote to random silliness. Imagine that.

I can hardly wait for next weekend's adventures. I heard something about Walmart and Stumes (or costumes for those of us over the age of 35).


tksible said...

Fun Stuff! Ryan wanted to go ice skating for the first time, so I told him he had to wait until Saturday when it was less busy. Ken and I spent our Saturday night at the Iceoplex. It didn't turn out half bad. Setar's, Majestic and Mastro's were all there. Had a good time chatting while the kids skated. Ryan was like a pro out there. I guess he will be wanting to hang out at the Plex now.

noblekleigh said...

Do you realize that you skipped the whole year of 2010?!?!