Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well, I know I haven't written in awhile, and the three of you who read the blog (Hi, dad!) are probably bored to tears wondering when I'll write again. You see the thing is I've been very, very tired. And, very, very sick. And, this is because:

I'm having another baby!!
I'm sure those of you who did not previously have this information just spit your coffee across the room. It's shocking, trust me, I know. I am 13 weeks, feeling a little better and anticipating a lovely delivery in the beginning of July. 7/07. And, maybe with a little luck, 7/7/07 :-)


AmyinMotown said...



Excuse me ma'am, but aren't you supposed to have PCOS and be all Barren Like Me? Were you trying actively (sorry, Mr Noble) or just not preventing? This gives me hope--we're sort of thinking "Should we have another? Let's let God decide!"

Whee!!!!! I'm so happy for you--you and Rob are wonderful parents and I am so thrilled another little person gets to grow up under your wings.

Hope the first trimester ick passes soon! Eat a lot, sleep a lot, and make Rob and the kiddos be even nicer to you!

Noel Heikkinen said...

Rob wouldn't tell me the due date. Good thing I ready your blog.

Oh, and 7/7 is Grace's birthday.