Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Agents, and buyers, and loans...oh my!

So, here's what we've been up to: trying to buy a house. I know this information is probably upsetting to the Michigan folks who were hoping our next home purchase might be in that state. However, let me tell you about this house. It's next to one of Trisha's good friend's homes, so we knew back in October or so of 1995 that there was a druggie living there who had been arrested and that the house had been seized. Great! So, we looked into how we might purchase the house on Sheriff's sale. Of course, we found out that to buy a house a Sheriff's sale, you have to come up with the entire amount of the sale within a week of the auction. I'm sorry to say we were a few dollars shy of the needed $290,000. So, we thought it was our tough luck and someone else would get the house. Fortunately, however, no one bought it at the Sheriff's sale in April, 2006. Since then, apparently, the federal government and the bank have been haggling over who gets to sell it. Monday it went on the market. When we went in to see the house, there were three other people there at the same time. When we put our offer in at 10:30 this morning, our was the 15th offer. To be competitive, we overbid and we dropped the contigency of having to sell our current house first. Even still, I think it's a long shot that we will get this house. Which is a bummer. It's a huge house with a den that could be a bedroom for Jaden and a large first floor laundry which could easily be converted into a bathroom for Jaden. The kids would get to go to the same elementary school. It has a flat driveway. It's really perfect and I'm hoping and praying for some sort of strange miracle. (Like all bids over ours just happen to get misplaced or something). I think we should know something tomorrow or Thursday. If it's God's will... I also have to plug Beth Mastro here. She's a totally kick-butt agent and I highly recommend!

In the meantime, we have been busiing ourselves by trying to get our house ready to sell. Allow me to just say that it is amazing how much junk a family of 6 can collect. IN fact, it was so much we decided to have a junk person come and haul it away. You know the kind with the ad that says something like:"Will haul anything away but your mother-in-law". SO, Rob spent the day gathering all of the trash and putting it on the bottom of the driveway. I can only imagine what our neighbor must have been thinking. When the guy whose job it is is to deal with trash gets here, he says, without provocation might I add, "I've seen worse." I almost doubt that. Glad to have it all gone, though...whether we move or not.


noblekleigh said...

Did the lifesize cutout of George Bush make it into the trash?

tripmom827 said...

Oh, I'm sorry...I forgot you wanted it.

noblekleigh said...

Ha ha ha...that's witty. Now people actually THINK that I wanted that monstrosity. I get it...good work.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow, Congratulations!! I haven't visited your blog since Halloween...someone's been busy!! What a wonderful, wonderful gift. You are very lucky. Enjoy.


The Dude said...

Moving is such a pain!!!

Yesterday, I finished moving from Tsuchiura to Tokyo and all the logistics of it just drove me to drink.

I hope you get the house, Nikki! Get yourself a 1/5 of Jonnie Walker in anticipation and then have a couple slugs off it after you finish breast-feeding for me.