Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Saga of the Stomachache

So, for some time now, Ryan has had a stomachache. Not anything too major. He's still been able to jump around and express all of that "special energy" he has. But, when he is turning down ice cream, I know something is really up. So, of course, my first thought is: "He's upset about the baby." Why not, he's been the baby for so long, of course he might be having some issues with not being the baby anymore. Since I am Super-Mom, I am certain I can cure this without much problem. A day off school to spend time together, some extra snuggle time, maybe a special lunch here and there, along with reminding him that he will always be my baby BOY should've done the trick. It hasn't. Then enteres my second thought: stomach cancer. Because afterall, if it's not bad mothering that's messing him up, it has to be cancer...am I right? I looked up stomach cancer on the internet and given the fact that he is not over the age of 60 nor had a prolonged history of stomach problems I think he's probably OK. My third thought, after days of tracking at and looking at his poop (isn't motherhood glamorous) is that he is having some trouble with constipation. A little more fiber, a little more water and he's good as new. I should probably have it checked by a doctor, but what could they possibly tell me that I wouldn't already know ;-)

BTW, haven't heard anything about the house. I am guessing there are some sort of further shenanigans with the government and stuff. I think Tom Petty sang a song about the waiting is the hardest part. True dat, dawg!

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noblekleigh said...

Ok first of all...seriously??? "True dat dawg?" Seriously? You might want to rethink next time you want to say that :)

Also I'm sure Ryan is picking up that issue from you...no I'm not talking about the hypochondria ;)