Thursday, May 17, 2007

I probably shouldn't be let out of the house...

Because I just can't be held responsible for my emotions lately. It's really bad. I just never know what is going to happen.

For example, I was watching my TiVo'd Desperate Housewives on Monday. And, I started crying when Lynette found out about her cancer. Fine, I'm sure that's probably in the realm of normal. My problem: I kept crying about it all day. All day, people. I suppose bursting into tears for no reason is nothing new to this pregnancy. A few weeks ago,the whole fam was playing hide and seek. I thought I had a totally great hiding place, but Rob found me right away. You guessed it...I started crying. It just seems to be happening alot lately.

Then, there's the other thing. You just never know when I might flip someone off. Not literally, but in my heart. I was at field day last week and I swore someone was staring at me. I know I am huge. I know it's kind of like a freak show, but c'mon. I thought I might punch her.

It's probably just better if I lock myself up at home...that way no one gets hurt! :)


AmyinMotown said...

Duuuuude.Go back in my blog archives from around Sept. 2004. I was a MESS; cried at everything and sometimes at nothing. And the beginning of my third trimester (aka the Crazy Months) neatly coincided with the Woodward Dream Cruise. Which I normally refer to with language you would probably prefer I don't use on your blog. I did flip people off, but they so richly deserved it (people who were poking down Woodward at like 20mph NOT EVEN ON CRUISE DAY looking for "neat" cars). I almost rammed someone just to make a point.

And hey, maybe Starey McStarerson just thought you were hot. Many men dig the blossoming pregnancy body.

Trina said...

I missed desperate housewives on Sunday, now there is no need to watch it online today. Ha-Ha! On field day I didn't mean to be staring at you. I figured I better appologize before I get my butt beat by a pregnant lady. He-He-Ha!!!!!!!! PREGNANT LADIES ARE BEAUTIFUL~