Wednesday, August 22, 2007

La La Land

There's where I must have been a few short months ago. You see, I imagined that by 6 weeks, Hayleigh would be sleeping through the night, I would be back in my pre-pg clothing and I would be back volunteering at church and school just like before. Instead, we are still up twice a night, my maternity clothing is now my regular clothing and I am lucky if I can shower daily, much less help someone else do something. What was I thinking???

Speaking of La La Land, sleep deprivation does strange things to people. I remember with the trips this little exchange happened:

Jaden's NICU nurse: "You look so well rested Mrs. Klan, I know you can't be getting much sleep."

Me: (At least what I thought I said or meant to say)"Well, caffeine does wonders."
Me: (What I actually said) "Cocaine does wonders".


This time:
Me:"Hi, Trisha's othodontic applaince is loose, she needs to see the doctor."
receptionist: "Well, the doctor is out of town this week. The soones we can get her is next Tuesday."
Me: "Ok, that will be it OK if she eats" ?
Receptionist: (LONG PAUSE) "Well it probably wouldn't be good for her to eat nothing for the next week."
Me: Yeah...

Also, I tend to stop mid sentence and never finish, like this example

Me:"Hi. can you babysit for me on Tuesday. Just the four older kids, I'll take the baby."
Babysitter:"Sure. What time?"
Me:"Well if you could be here at 5 till 9 .........."
Babysitter: "OK"
Well, when she didn't show up at 8:55, I called her mom. SHe thought I wanted her from 5-9 pm. And, since I didn't finish my sentence, well who could blame her.

And then there was this really funny one involving the mailman and a pair of socks.........................................................................................................


AmyinMotown said...

Cocaine. Heee.....I am doing the "laughing so hard no sound comes out" thing over here (especially since I can imagine your EXACT tone and facial expression.

I became a class-A trailer-offer when I had Maggie. "Paul, could you get the ........" Poor guy. He'd just look at me like, "And?"

I remember someone outright laughing at me when I said I would be back to working (at home, mind you) after the first of the year, like four weeks after Maggie was born. She was like "try three months, honey, if that."

Maggie did start sleeping through the night at six weeks. Before you hate me though, she didn't nap consistently until she was eight months and the whole sleeping through the night thing? Not so much at two and a half!

Trina said...

It gets better I promise. You looked good the other day when I seen you, the cocaine must work! Ha-Ha! Don't worry school starts in 4 days.