Thursday, May 31, 2007

5 1/2 days!

This is what I heard this morning as my children were leaving for the bus stop. 5 1/2 days being the number of days left of school. Most people have said the school year has flown by...I assume they have not been pregnant for most of it. But, still, I can't help but think how much things have changed in my life since August, 2006.

Those first few days alone were horrible. The house was terribly quiet, and time dragged by terribly slow. I missed by kids by 11:00 every day. I begged my friends to invite me to lunch, to go walking, for coffee, anything. And, the kindly obliged. But, then, I volunteered up at school, and got a job, and then (surprise!) got pregnant. And, just like everyone said would happen, my time filled up and I ended up spending most of the year running around like a chicken wihtout a head.

My kids had great years...all of them. Phenomenal, really. Except for a little bit of girl stuff, but I'm beginning to think that is unavoidable.

To Mrs. B~I want to say thank you for creating a nurturing environment for Ryan. Thank you for seeing his "special energy", as we've come to call it, as an asset, rather than something that needed to be disciplined or drugged out of him. I am so thankful for you!

To Mrs. B~Thank you for being so creative. The way you encouraged Trisha's creativity made her like a pig in mud in your class. I will not forget your coming to see her play on a very cold December evening, when I am sure you had other things to do. I am so thankful for you!

To Miss P ~ I wasn't so sure about you at first, I will admit, but I appreciate your creativity and your ability to be consistent in your expectations. That is exactly what my Jaden needs and that is why he thrived in your class. I appreciate your willingness to think outside the box for solutions for him, and I admire the way you have stood your ground against the many parent complaints you received (unwarrantedly) this year. I am so thankful for you!

To Ms. Z ~ I want to thank you for a great year for Jonathan. I appreciate the way that you created such a warm atmosphere in your classroom where everyone was really friends. Case in point: having everyone from your class in a talent show routine. Jonathan leaves your classroom having gained a lot of knowledge and a lot of close frienships. I am so thankful for you!

It has been a good year. And, next year, I won't have to worry about the transition to having everyone gone, since I'll be busy with an infant. Plus, I know that time has a way of getting filled up, which is why I intend to make the most of every moment I have with my kids this summer!

Friday, May 25, 2007

If parenting is a competition, score 1 loss for me

So, yesterday turned out to be pretty exciting. Around 7:20 pm, Ryan hit Jaden in the head with a baseball bat. Nice. What's even better is that for a few minutes I heard some screaming outside and was getting all mad thinking that Jaden and Ryan were out there fighting again. I was just about to give them both a large piece of my mind, along with some consequence, when Ryan rushed through the door. "Mom, um, well, I was playing baseball, and it was an accident, and well, I accidentally hit Jaden in the head with my baseball bat (aluminum) accidentally." I ran out the door all the while screaming something about God...a prayer I'm sure, only to see that Jaden has a lump on the side of his head that is cartoon-like. Sort of like the kind Elmer Fudd would get when trying to catch Bugs Bunny. I never thought that was funny on TV, and I can assure you that I did not find it funny last night, either.

So, off to the ER. The Dr. comes in and tells Jaden he will be getting a CT Scan and she starts to explain what that is. Jaden says, "I know what it is. I just wish someone would tell me why it is called a CAT scan, because I have never once seen a cat!" part way through her little speech. Poor kid. As we are sitting there waiting for the results of the CT scan, all I can think besides "Dear God let everything be all right" is "I.CAN.NOT.DO.THIS." and by I can not do this, I mean have this new baby. It was insane to think that we could have another baby and deal with the insanity that happens around here on a regular basis. The other thing I was thinking of was how I kept thinking that maybe I should go outside and sit down while they were playing outside. I, obviously, never followed that motherly instinct. Nice.

Turns out he's fine. Minor concussion. had him home today watching and monitoring. He had a headache this morning and was slightly lethargic, but he's happily playing video games now. Another major crisis averted, thank God. There is a new rule here in our house, that there is no playing with baseball bats unless mom or dad is outside.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tripmom's Book Club

I don't really get an opportunity to do much reading, but when I visited my sister a few weeks back, I did some reading on the plane, and I am here to highly recommend this book: "Death by Suburb: How to Keep the Suburbs from Killing Your Soul" by David Goetz. I must warn you, this is a non-fiction book. However, I know the readers of Kiddyland to be very bright and learned people, so I am sure this is no problem. It gives 8 great tips to living a "thicker" life beyond lattes, SUVs and soccer. Not that those things are bad in and of themselves.

In one part, the author relays a story about an acquaintance whose wife was diagnosed with cancer. In addition to caring for her and their children and trying to keep up with the demands at work, he was scheduled to coach his son's little league soccer game. He noticeed halfway through the game that one of the playera had left the game. Afterwards, he found out why. The parents, upset that their daughter was not getting the playing time they felt she deserved pulled her from the game and went home. "He thought he had rotated all of the players through. He said he didn't say much to the wife when he called later for damamge control. Soccer is stupid when you think your wife is dying." p.48

Another quote:

"Successful children are the ultimate glory in today's Park District and Travel team culture. Children level the playing field. Whether from blue money, new money, or no money, each child represents real potential for glory in the here and now. They are the ultimate extension of ourselves. ...Parenting is hard these days, perhaps because it truly is today's most competitive sport."

I really could blog about this book all day. But, instead just read it for yourselves. And, if you happen to actually do that, let me know what you think!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I probably shouldn't be let out of the house...

Because I just can't be held responsible for my emotions lately. It's really bad. I just never know what is going to happen.

For example, I was watching my TiVo'd Desperate Housewives on Monday. And, I started crying when Lynette found out about her cancer. Fine, I'm sure that's probably in the realm of normal. My problem: I kept crying about it all day. All day, people. I suppose bursting into tears for no reason is nothing new to this pregnancy. A few weeks ago,the whole fam was playing hide and seek. I thought I had a totally great hiding place, but Rob found me right away. You guessed it...I started crying. It just seems to be happening alot lately.

Then, there's the other thing. You just never know when I might flip someone off. Not literally, but in my heart. I was at field day last week and I swore someone was staring at me. I know I am huge. I know it's kind of like a freak show, but c'mon. I thought I might punch her.

It's probably just better if I lock myself up at home...that way no one gets hurt! :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

That's 2 hours of my life I can't get back.

That's how I feel after watching The Departed. Didn't it win an Oscar or something? I thought it had and who doesn't like Matt Damon, Leo, and Jack Nicholson (who I sometimes get mixed up with Jack Nicklaus the famous golfer, but I digress). It.was.terrible. I mean it...terrible. I even stayed up to like 10:30 to watch it. It started out good. It was almost really good. It was as if they didn't know how to end it, so let's just kill everyone and that should do it. I feel like I want my $3.25 back. Do yourself a favor...if you haven't seen it...don't bother.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Miracle in Lane 2

Before there was "High School Musical" or "Jump In", The Disney Channel made a lovely movie called "Miracle in Lane 2". It's based on a true story of a boy with Spina Bifida who wants to win a trophy just like his older brother more than anything else. After unsuccessful attempts at mainstream sports, he befriends a neighbor who gets him into the soapbox derby. Of course, he wins a trophy bigger than any his brother had ever seen. I love, love, love this movie and everytime I watch it I cry through the whole thing. It's wonderful.

On Wednesday night, we (almost) had our own little miracle in lane 2. Jonathan and Jaden were competing in a little car race we had at church. In the third grade division, there were probably about 18 racers. Jonathan was quickly eliminated after two quick losses. Jaden, however, was a different story. 1st 2nd 3rd At this point, Jaden is nearly hyperventilating with joy. And, you know is Jonathan. The winner of the next race would be guaranteed 3rd place and a medal. Best 2 out of 3. First Second run...lose. 3rd The final race was for 1st place. Best 2 out of 3. First run...lose. Second Thrid run...lose! 2nd place isn't too bad though and he did get a wonderful medal. Just as in the fiction story, I cried through the whole thing. It was wonderful!

Life isn't always fair for Jaden. Scratch is hardly ever fair for Jaden. I just was so glad and grateful that he won something and was so excited and proud of himself. It was also very gratifing to see how excited Jonathan was for him. Although later we did have to have the "Everyone is a winner in our family" talk. :-)