Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adventures in Paper Mache

Those of you who know me know that I am not crafty. This, along with not loving animals have been two very freeing admissions on my part. I don't do animals and I don't do crafts. Fine. I still like me. However, now that my children are getting older and getting into these projects, a certain amount of craftiness is a requirement. What ever happened to the days when all a person had to do for a book report is write a paper? Anyways, back to the paper mache. Jonathan is doing a report on alligators of all things and for his "visual aid", he chose to bring in a paper mache alligator head. Yes. You heard me. A paper mache alligator head. I think Jonathan has some ideas about me that aren't true. However, if it's a paper mache alligator head my son wants, then by-gum it's a paper mache alligator head he shall have.

I must tell you that while this was my first foray into paper mache, it actually went quite well and this green thing that I created, once we put some teeth, eyes and scaly things on it, might actually look like an alligator head. Of course, we have 1 part flour/2 parts water just about everywhere in the dining room. The directions called for salt in the glue mixture to keep it from getting moldy. I decided not to do that step thinking, "Well, I wont have the glue out for the long, for crying out loud." Never mind that the glue will be on the alligator head for quite some time. Oh well, sorry about the stench Jonathan's teacher. Really it will just make it more authentic. What alligator has a nice smelling head?

So anyway, now that I've conquered an alligator head, I'm looking for other things to paper mache. Any ideas?

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