Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Confession Monday (On Wednesday)

The Craziest Thing I Ever Did For Love

Compared to others' stories of crazy things done for love, (click on the pic above to go to Mommy Confession's Blog to see some cool stories) mine will seem pretty tame. But given that financial security is something that makes me happy, it was at least kind of crazy.

Rob and I got married 9 months out of college. Neither of us had found a job in our field. So, on a whim, one week after we got married, we took the money we got from our wedding, packed up our meager belongings and moved to where we live now where we knew absolutely. no. one. And, we did this because Rob had always wanted to live here. His whole life he wanted to live in this city. Why??? Because he had always been a huge fan of their sports teams. I'm serious. So, I left everyone I knew, moved to this strange place where neither one of us had a job, with only $2000 to our name, so that Rob could be near his favorite sports team.

It worked out OK. 15 years later, we are still here, raising our family, and loving every minute of it. We've also attended lots of fun sporting events!!


Michelle said...

Actually, that is a great confession of crazy things we do for love! Better late than never. Next week, Monday it is!

tripdad said...

Those people you wrote about sound pretty stupid.

noblekleigh said...

You dont wanna know the craziest thing I have ever done...thinking back now, it might not have been love. HAHAHAHA :)