Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Recurrent Nightmare

Lately I have been having this same nightmare. It involves Ryan and school. It's sort of different every time, but the main gist is that Ryan, on teh first day of school, wears sandals. The problem is that the first day of school is gym day. Apparently, we were supposed to know this and didn't, because Ryan is wearing sandals and he isn't wearing tennis shoes. This is very upsetting to his teacher, because his teacher loses it and kicks Ryan out of his class for not remembering to bring tennis shoes to school for gym.

Now, I happen to have read a book or two on dream interpretation and this is what I think. I think I am panicked about the fact ( it goes), that Ryan doesn't know how to tie his shoes. Ryan's going into 3rd grade. 3rd grade. And, he doesn't know how to tie his shoes. And, this colossal failure of parenting has seeped its way into my dreams. Good thing those tests he has to take this year to be measured for No Child Left Behind don't include skills like shoe-tying!

3 days left. I have 3 days to redeem myself and get him tying his own shoes. I hope it's enough time.


Danifred said...

There are way worse things he couldn't do, I wouldn't worry. :)

Andrea said...

He will get it. You are a great mom for being patient with him!


M de P said...

Visiting from ICLW...

How about velcro?? So many shoes don't even need to be tied these days.

Anyway, it sounds like this is a mission for you, and I'm sure he'll learn to tie his shoes shortly.

If it makes you/him feel any better, my husband still cannot tie a necktie.