Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post Election Diarrhea of the Keyboard

Just my rambling thoughts about the election...then I'll go back to the witty and thoughtful (if I do say so myself!) mommy posts that are way more fun!

1. Of course, I am disappointed by McCain's loss. I thought that he was the better of the two men and the more qualified. I liked his ideas better. I am somewhat gratified that my county went "red" for the first time in many, many years. Of course, we are "racist and redneck" and "cling bitterly to our guns and religion". Most of PA in fact was red. Only Philadelphia was blue. I am pretty sick of Philadelphia deciding the course of PA politics.

I was moved to tears by both McCain's concession and Obama's acceptance speech. I hope that Obama is able to lead with the same spirit of optimism and bipartisanship with which he spoke. His 1st appointment of Rahm Emmanuel tells me probably not. However, for the sake of this county, I hope and pray that Obama is as successful as any president we have seen. For 8 years, Democrats have tried everything to ruin GWB. Let's not be like that. Let us as Republicans be the first to make it stop.

2. I was also moved by the reaction of people of color. Jesse Jackson, although I couldn't disagree with him more, him breaking down was actually a moving sight. On Fox News, Juan (whose last name I can't remember) spoke of how excited he was that his children have a new role model to look at; something different from a rapper or a sports star. He could now look his kids in the eye and say without any reservation "Yes, can be anything you want." I can imagine how powerful that must be because I still can not look my daughters in the eye and say the same thing. Which brings me to point #3.

3. I am saddened at what happened to the women in this race. More than anything, I can say this race showed how divided we are as women, and for that reason alone I don't see progress happening soon. When Sarah Palin was announced as VP, I was so sickened by what I heard. People who had, all of their lives, preached that women should be at home and homeschooling their children, people who have made me feel like a failure for wanting to work and send my children to public school, people who would not let Sarah Palin preach at their church if there were men in the audience, were all of the sudden applauding her choice as someone who could rule the free world. Conversely, people who have spent their whole lives preaching that women can do and be whatever they want all of the sudden felt very strongly that this woman should be home with her children. People who are for gay marriage and adoption couldn't fathom how a man could stay at home, no...those Palin kids need a mom. Talk about giving mixed messages to our daughters!! When reports came out that Sarah was getting angry and throwing temper tantrums or when Hillary broke down during an interview in New Hampshire, there was that underlying "Oh...there goes that woman being emotional again thing". As women, we are emotional. I am sick of that being a weakness. On the contrary, it is our strength.

I wish Obama well. I will pray for him as that is what God commands me to do. And, I will continue to wait for a day when I too, can look my children, my daughters, in the eye and tell them without reservation that they, too, can do anything.

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Mindy Richmond said...

I was disappointed at the outcome as well but I can sure appreciate the historic significance of having an African-American president. I remember having discussions as recent as four years ago where we asked ourselves if we thought that would ever happen in our lifetime. And here we are.

Regarding that interview in which Hilary Clinton supposedly "broke down" - I remember seeing clips of that interview and I couldn't figure out what everyone was making a big deal about. I know a break down when I see one and that was not it.

As for the stay at home dad issue - you know I'm all for it! I love my job, Mike loves staying home with Luke. It works for our family so we're sticking with it for awhile. And I sure don't care what anybody else thinks.