Monday, November 17, 2008

Stick a Banana in Your Ear

Our home has been taken over by a somewhat crabby, somewhat creepy unicorn. His name is Charlie. If you are not familiar with Charlie the Unicorn, you need to view this first:

I picked the short one. Since I do not smoke pot and since I am not, you know, 11, I have a hard time really getting into Charlie. I guess it is somewhat mildly amusing. I think you can see how annoying it would be to have four children (and ne adult male) going around saying "Charlie" and "Shun the nonbeliever...shun" in that voice all day. It is better than fighting, though. I'll take that over the sound of siblings fighting anyday. However, I feel I must state for the record that I better not get a Charlie T-shirt for Christmas. I mean it. I don't want it. No.


tripdad said...

You're not worthy of a Charlie the Unicorn t-shirt. You're too much of a nonbeliever. But you may find yourself the proud owner of a Liopleurodon or Frogrus t-shirt ... if you're lucky.

Mindy Richmond said...

Wow. That is absolutely wretched. I want my mommy.

KandiB said...


That would get pretty annoying - totally.