Saturday, April 09, 2011

Talk about depressing...

Today I did something that made me very sad. I'll give you three guesses what it was. It wasn't trying to pluck all of the gray hairs out of my head even though I just died it last week.

Nopers. It was not trying on swim suits. Really good guess, though.

No. It defintely was not listening to Dream On. Although, please, I never knew that song was so depressing. 'Everytime when I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face getting clearer'. It's a real pick-me-up.

Ok. I'll tell you.

I took lunch to Jonathan while he was reffing U8 soccer games. {{{SIGH}}}. I can barely speak about it.

Used to be every Saturday, I would pack the ole sports chairs, blankets, water bottles, siblings, orange slices, sports drinks, and snacks for after the games to go catch me some soccer. Used to be every Saturday I would sit in a sports chair, cheer on my soccer player, laugh with other soccer moms and dads and get frustrated with the teenaged ref who looked like he didn't get too much sleep the night before. (Where were his parents, BTW). Used to be I could walk through the soccer complex and know just about everyone there.

Used to be. The past is gone.

It's been 5 years since Jonathan played U8 soccer. Now I am the mom of the teenage ref who didn't get enough sleep the night before. Now I walk through the soccer complex and I don't know anyone. 5 years . Gone in a flash. I know it's a tired cliche. But, time goes by fast. And, today, well, it caught me off guard.

Especially because I got to know what I will be doing 5 years from now? I'll be buying prom attire, and paying registration fees for college, and planning a graduation party for the triplets. 5 years. They'll be gone in a flash.

I want to make sure I have no regrets.

BTW, 5 years gives me some perspective too. So, moms and dads of the U8 soccer players...don't take it so seriously. I know you think you might have the next Mia Hamm or David Beckham. But, I sure wish I had spent less time worrying about Jonathan's playing time, positions, and coaches and more time just plain old cheering him on.

Oh, and one more thing. That tired teenaged ref?? Yeah, the one who had a sleepover last night and was too tired to blow his whistle for the hand ball in the goalie box that should have been a penalty kick? Give him a break too. Because before you can even imagine it could be possible, it'll be your kid. And, you'll be the parent standing awkwardly with the McDonald's bag in your hand.


AmyinMotown said...

This is so well-written. And yes, already, I'm thinking HOW IS IT POSSIBLE my little Maggie is almost done with first grade? How is it possible she's a girl now, not a little girl or a baby?

And who ARE these parents who take this stuff so seriously? Maybe because Maggi'e team last year was so bad, but we just had fun and wanted the kids to learn, that's it (She plays u7/u8 because she's in first grade). There was one kid on the team who was really good, but his parents weren't ever jerks about it.

mom2twogirls said...

So well said! It goes by way to fast! Thanks for your words of encouragement.It is so good to rememember. . Now that Jenna is not able to play becasue of a head concussion playing soccer, when she plays again, I will so much more appreciate her and what you said. Thanks!

amyt said...

Thanks for some perspective on life and being a parent. I'm the u8 parent right now worried about whether or not my daughter will be good enough to keep playing. I should know better but I can't help myself. I'll think of you next time and remember it is all for fun! I'm not ready to think about 5 years from now!

Anonymous said...

Tears in my eyes ... and it seems to never end ... time marching on, I mean ... relentlessly.
Thank you for such a fine article.

Trisha said...

Excuse me-
It has been drawn to my attention that, when you were talking about plucking your gray hairs,you misused the word 'died.' It should be spelled 'd-y-e-d.'
Creeping is caring.
Your daughter, the misunderstood teenager.