Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wonder of Wonders...It's Maturation Day!


BACKGROUND INFORMATION: In my state, children in public school get to take a 2 part sex-ed class in the 5th grade. Part One is the Maturation class, where they get to watch weird videos about puberty and body changes. Part Two, entitled "Wonder of Wonders" or "WOW", for short, talks about sexual reproduction. And, yes. It's really called WOW!

MORE BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Here in Kiddyland, we feel its important for our children to attend these classes, but we also feel its important that we have "THE TALK" before they hear it at school. The parents of Kiddyland will be the ones who drive these conversations, thank you very much.

So, last week I received a letter that Ryan's sex ed classes were going to begin this week. I sent Rob an email that said something along the lines of "You've got 5 days, sucker!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA!". Because don't most modern, happy marriages communicate almost exclusively through email. They do, right?

Sunday night, Rob came home from a meeting and told Ryan to get dressed, they were heading to Sarris'. Which frankly, I thought was a brilliant choice for two reasons. 1) Sex is awkward, and let's face it when something is awkward, it's good to have ice cream on hand. It's sort of my life motto. 2) Sarris is expensive. I am pretty sure Ryan will never think of Sarris in quite the same way again. Ryan: "Mom, can we go to Sarris? (has mental flashback of last time there...) Nevermind!" A genius money saving idea!

Rob and I both read all of the books on how to present this, er, topic to kids and they really all sort of creeped us out. So, we just choose to spit it out. Just I didn't heaar how Ryan replied, they got home late. And, I'm pretty sure he was a little more "in the know" than the older kids at that age. It just happens with younger siblings. I'm glad we have the classes at school for followup because I am sure out of embarassment and , well, pure horror, Ryan checked out at some point and didn't catch everything. The classes will fill in some holes.

As for Rob, all I know is he came home and said: "hahahaha. I'm all done and you have one more!!". Because all modern, happy marriages include enjoying the other person's awkward moments. They do, right?


noblekleigh said...

I love the new format, and I'm looking forward to that awkwardness myself!

Maureen said...

Ha ha....Patrick had the 'talk' the night of the Reading Sleepover when his brothers were with me. I swear when he came back at 10pm to pick up his younger brother, he was looking sheepish. LOL

Then the year Shane was in 5th grade, as we approched the Reading Sleepover night again, I think Patrick gave Shane the heads up that the "talk" was coming that night.

Matt has one more year until the last one