Friday, November 10, 2006

Boys will be boys...

Having three boys is quite an adventure. The fact that I am not a boy makes this adventure all the more interesting. As I watch their little lives and habits on a daily basis, I often find myself perplexed and confused by their behaviors. For example....

1. Why is farting so darn funny? I was making lunches for school this morning, when all of a sudden I feel someone sneaking up behind me. I don't really pay much attention, until a half full balloon is let go by my bottom to let all of the air out making a loud farting noise. All three boys yell in chorus, "Mommy! Say excuse me" and explode into laughter. Oh, boy, when I said, "sorry" it was even funnier. Perhaps this could have been OK if it was only done once. By the time they got on the bus, this episode repeated itself many, many times. Each time the boys laughed and laughed.

2. Why must I constantly tell them to get their hands out of their pants? It's not that they are "playing", it's just more like somewhere they like to rest their hands, like a pocket or something. Or maybe they just feel better knowing that the thing is still there, I don't know. I don't understand.

3. What is it that makes boys tell dumb jokes? My dad does it. My husband does it. And, now, my older two sons do it.

4. What is it about boys that make them want to things that either a) extremely dangerous or b) extremely dirty? If it's not risking your life, or putting grass stains on your pants, it's not worth doing, I guess.

5. Don't even get me started on how they act around a girl they think is cute!

All this craziness aside, I wouldn't trade them for the world, my boys. It seems strange; the farting, the hands in the pants and the crazy jokes. But, they do make me laugh. And, while I don't enjoy scrubbing pants to get grass stains out, or taking my boys in for the occasional stitching, I love watching them play with abandon and high energy. In some ways, as I parent my boys and try to understand the mind of a male, it has helped me to understand Rob more too, which is a good thing. It reminds me of the old saying that if I can teach my children half as much as they have taught me then I have done a good job.


Anonymous said...

Poor tripmom. She's still not aware of the male handbook, which I made heavy use of when I was part of the dating scene. Do you think we make this stuff up?
Chapter 1: Confuse your prey
Chapter 2: Intrigue your prey
Chapter 3: Hire a private investigator to learn intimate details about your prey.
Etc, etc. It's all pretty straightforward.

Anonymous said...

Wow , humor from passing gas and bad jokes, where do they get it from?
Do you know how many beans there are in bean soup. 239. Because if you added one more that would make it 2 40. Too farty, get it