Monday, November 06, 2006


I am a Republican. Oh, sure, sometimes, I will try to be all PC and say I vote for the best candidate, blah, blah, blah. In my Republican heart-of-hearts, I know that the worst Republican is always better than the best Democrat.

Case in point: 1996; Clinton vs. Dole. Now, I like Bob Dole. I appreciate his service to our country, and I cheer him on in his struggle against erectile dysfunction. However, I don't think there's a person in the world who really thought he could win, or if he did win, really do a better job than Bill Clinton. (Of course, in retrospect...but, I digress) I still voted for Dole. Why? The worst Republican is always better than the best Democrat.

I think the last time I considered voting for a Democrat was in 1990 Blanchard vs. Engler for Governor of Michigan. I was going to vote for Blanchard; however, I didn't make it to the polls. Apparently, neither did lots of other Blanchardites since Engler won. Which is another point, see it used to be that Democrats wouldn't vote. But, they will tomorrow. They are charged up, much like we were in 1994. Oh yes, rain or shine, Democrats will vote tomorrow.

Fellow Republican, I know you're upset about Iraq. I am too. Who isn't? If only Bush had fired Rumsfeld last week or something, maybe we could've gotten a bounce. I know that you don't want to vote for same old, same old; but you also don't want to vote for Ed Rendell. I get that, but I urge you not to stay home. GO vote. The worst Republican is always better than the best Democrat.

We will probably lose and lose big tomorrow. After years of winning, the cycle is going to turn. It will turn in our favor once again. It is the cyclical nature of politics, finance, life afterall. Let's just hope not too much damage is done in the meantime.

Oh, and to the three democrats that read my blog...if you ran for office, I would make an excpetion to my rule! Would you really expect any other kind of post from me? ;-)

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