Monday, November 12, 2007

Hand Turkeys

I'm sure you've seen these things. You know, when you put your hand on a piece of paper and trace your fingers to make the wings of a turkey. I have many, many, many of these in scrapbooks and safe places. They are neat because, if nothing else, they note the size of the kids' hands when they were such-and-such an age. Today I have received, from Ryan, a picture with a brand new twist on the hand turkey. Oh sure, there's the hand in the middle of the picture with the fingers brightly colored to represent feathers. And, then, well, there's a picture of a gun with brown bullets headed toward the turkey. Jaden says it's a very good drawing of a gun. I'm so proud :)

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makiklan said...

Ryan is soooo bright. Apparently he has been reading the Michigan newspapers and realizes it's time for the hunters to get out there. If your mom doesn't have a check to pay for groceries -- no problem -- get your turkey the old-fashioned way!
Love and laughs,