Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lots of Milestones

It was a big weekend for Hayleigh:

She found her feet and likes to play with them. She also like to be naked. Apparently this is soothing to her. Her brothers seem to think so also. Yesterday Trisha had a friend over all day and when she left, Jonathan and Ryan said "Finally!". I thought they were just sick of having a girl around. NOPE! They were sick of wearing clothes. Off came the shirts and pants. You don't want to stop by here unexpectedly!!

And, we had our first cereal. Trisha got to feed her and of course, Hayleigh is wearing her "I love my Big Sister" bib.

And then here she is rolling over. Actually, she's been doing that for about a month, but I just now got it on tape. Excuse me cheering for her. I'm loud, I know. Jonathan tells me this all of the time after his soccer games :)

She's also using the exersaucer now. Does this seem to be going fast to anyone else??

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Mindy Richmond said...

It's going way too fast, but I'm enjoying every minute! I just can't imagine having more than one kid but I guess the plus side is you get to witness this stuff again and again. Luke is getting up on his hands and knees now. He's not crawling yet but he can propel himself forward. He's got the bruises to prove it!