Monday, December 03, 2007

Sometimes I forget that I have triplets

Sometimes I forget that I have triplets.

Oh, I know that I have plenty of school related projects that require my assistance and time. And, given that they are all in seperate class rooms, they all have seperate projects. And, I know that with sports and school things, my checkbook is always warm from being handled. And, I know that this time of the year, money is flying out of my bank account faster than you can say "Jiminy Christmas".

In times past, I couldn't leave the house without remembering that I had triplets. Three bald little baby heads travelling along in one gigantic stroller always got us lots of attention.
Stranger: "Oh are those triplets!"
Me: "Yes" (Here we go.....)
Stranger: "Three boys?"
Me: "No, the one with the dress and pink bow on her head is a girl."
Stranger: "Oh, do triplets run in your family?"
Me: "No."
Stranger: " took fertility drugs then?"

But, now that they are older and soooooooooo different, it's more like they are three kids that are the same age rather than being triplets. Everyone at their school knows they are triplets and have gotten over the novelty of it. Since they are more self-sufficient, the logisitics of getting from point A to point B are much easier. It just feels like we are normal, whatever that means. It feels like our family is just like every other family.

Next year, for fifth grade, the triplets (I never even call them that anymore!) will be going to a new school. We'll have orientation. They'll be in three seperate classes, so I will have to try and split myself three ways. I'm betting then I'll remember I have triplets :)


AmyinMotown said...

See, you give me the perfect "in" with people who have triplets: "Oh, my college rommate has triplets so I am always interested." :-) I never ask about the drugs though.

And this:"NO,the one with the dress and the bow on her head is a girl" made me giggle, as mom to a baldy girl myself. Although it actually got worse when she was 1-2 years old, because she had short, boylike hair and it was cold so she wore jeans and khakis a lot (she's a tomboy, dresses are Not Happening when it's cold out).

I am workingon a post for Strollerdery about splitting multiples in school (each kid in their classroom, like yours). Do you think there is a benefit to it, or would you rather they all be in one class? Why or why not? I''dlike our take. I'm also asking the Internets if I should have a repeat C-section or not on my own blog--please weigh in :-).

Noel Heikkinen said...

Ethan just got his hair cut because he was tired of being called a girl.

tripmom827 said...

Poor Ethan! Did you tell him about how you "ruined their wedding" (meaning mine) with your long hair!? I'm surprised Rob and I are still married :)