Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh yeah...I rock this whole "mom" thing...

One thing I really like to do with my children is to take them out to on one. Or, now with Hayleigh...2 on 1. So, once between the start of school and Christmas, I will take each child out of school for lunch and I also take each child out to breakfast. I do this again between January and the end of the school year. So, during the school year, each kid gets two breakfasts and two lunches. And I get fatter, but I digress.

Today was Jaden's breakfast day. Jaden isn't a big breakfast eater. And by isn't a big breakfast eater I mean he almost never eats breakfast. He likes breakfast, but for some reason he gets full pretty fast with breakfast. Anyways, he wanted to go to breakfast (as opposed to another lunch) and so off to McDonald's we went. He wanted hotcakes and sausage and cinnamon melts, which I thought was a lot of food for a kid who gets full fast, but hey! it's his day so that's what I got him. I reminded him that we could wrap it up and take it home if he got full. I didn't want him getting so full he threw up. Several times I asked him if he was full and reminded him that I would be upset if he got so full he threw up.

Well...he got so full he threw up.

He was kind enough to warn me, as opposed to other times when he has just thrown up all over the place. Of course, there wasn't much time, so I was pushing him to the ladies room and dragging Hayleigh half in/half out of her highchair behind me. (Her shoe was stuck).

So, after he throws up, he starts crying and saying he's sorry.

And, that's when I realize that I am totally rocking this mom thing. There's probably something medically wrong with him that he can't help and that's why he gets full so quick in the morning and throws up. I don't know. Here's what I do know: I am setting up a Drs. appointment, and from here on out, Jaden and I will go out to lunch!

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