Sunday, January 29, 2006

Disney (again)

I'm turning into Boring-Vacation-Woman, I know. But, I don't care :-)

Day 1: Sunday~Magic Kingdom. Cool to ride rides with my kids that I remember riding as a child. Cool that there are Steelers fans everywhere. Cool that Jonathan is like crazy rider guy who wants to ride everything many, many times. We had a great dinner at Chef Mickeys after going back to the hotel to watch the game. I'm thinking about how blessed we are to be there and have such a great time together as a family.

Day 2: Monday~MAgic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. We started off the day at Ohana Breakfast. Stitch and Pluto were our favorite characters. Another fun morning at MK. I am so thankful that we get to have this vacation. The weather is perfect. In the afternoon we go to Animal Kingdom. The place is packed and frankly, if you've been to the Pittsburgh or any other zoo, you've probably seen Animal Kingdom. If I never go back there, it will be too soon!

Day 3: Tuesday ~ Epcot. Epcot is a lot of walking and lots of things were closed for "our future enjoyment". We ate lunch at Norway with princesses. As Rob said, he saw more of Jasmine then he did of me!! The food was weird, and you could tell the princesses felt like they were at the end of their shift. They still managed to make Jaden blush, however. AND, Soarin' was a huge hit at Epcot...the kids loved it, especially Ryan. MY parents joined us Tues. evening and Trisha got the hair wrap she's been wanting to have forever.

Day 4: Wed ~ MGM. I have to say that I love MGM. It was really fun. Cool Tower of Terror ride, Cool ROckin Roller Coaster Ride, Cool stunt show. AND, at Millionaire Play It! I got to be in the hot seat. I won a cap and lots of those coveted trading pins. They don't call it the hot seat for nothing. We ended the day having dinner and watching Fantasmic. The show itself was a little darker than I would have liked and hard to follow, but it is pretty cool how they project movies onto the spraying water.

Day 5: Thursday ~ MK and Epcot. We had to hit the highlights at MK one more time: The Mountain rides, Dumbo, Pirates of the Carribean, etc. etc. Then we ate dinner at Mexico in Epcot. I have to say that the restuarant is one of my favorite places to eat. The atmosphere is great and the food is good too. It's just such a romantic setting. Even Jaden puking all over the place couldn't ruin my mood!

Day 6: Friday ~ MGM and Epcot. We meant to hit the highlights of MGM, but instead spent two hours in the audience of a pilot taping for Family Fun TV. If there are able to sell the pilot, you'll have to look for us doing a bumper into a commercial. We ate dinner at Living Seas in Epcot. Turtle Talk with Crush was awesome, as was another run on Soarin.

At the end of 6 days of non-stop activity, I have to admit I was pretty beat and ready to go home. BUt, overall, it was a great experience and I am so thankful to be able to spend the time with my family having fun!

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