Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Happiest Place on Earth

We are back from our vacation in what I heard called many, many times: The Happiest Place on Earth. I will go through details in later posts of many fun and exciting adventures. It was a very good vacation. We got to ride some fun rides and eat some good food AND Rob and I even got along pretty well on a couple of the days AND I only had to dish out one spank the entire time we were there. So, maybe it is the Happiest Place on Earth. Afterall when I was there, I didn't even hear news reports about Iraq, Iran, Hamas, etc. etc. I didn't get any calls from any teachers, I didn't have to see any bills in the mail. I didn't have to clean the house or do the laundry or cook any food. I got to see spectacular firework displays and be on a TV show and sit in the HOT SEAT in Millionaire Play it at MGM. I got to bond with my children and parents and there were STEELERS fans all over the place!!

The only problem with the Happiest Place on Earth is that there are people there. And, I have to be honest here. It's probably not good to admit, especially for a Christian,who is supposed to love their neighbor as themselves. But, just between you and me....I don't really like people. I mean they are rude and ignorant. I don't like people who cut in line and then say, "No Habla Ingles". I don't like people who don't watch where they are walking or stop right in the middle of a walkway and block the whole thing. I dont like people who let their kids scream and yell at 12:30 in the morning. I think my favorite was the guy complaining to me in line about how long it takes to get through these lines just because of families with like three or four kids. This place is crawling with them he says. Freaking use birth control he says. ( I only had two kids with me at the time) Yes, I don't like people. And, as long as there are people in this world, even the Happiest Place on Earth is going to be tainted.

I think Disneyworld probably is one of the best, happiest places that this earth has to offer....which is one more reason to look forward to Heaven.

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Rob said...

I couldn't agree more, although I counted 3 days that we got along...

To use an old bit, there was a lot of craziness, hands-in-the-air, screaming, yelling, and dizziness ... then we rode some roller coasters.

Just kidding. I thought it went well, considering the illusion of fun & relaxation you have to project, all the while making judgments about where to go, what to ride, how much time it'll take, how much time till the next event, and how much further you can walk before your legs mutiny.

Seriously, Nik did a great job planning and coordinating, but an even better job allowing success to be defined as something less than perfection. Sometimes a great trip can be one in which a lot of things go very well.