Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

Well, it was just a lovely time to be sure. Lovely church service, lovely egg hunt, lovely dinner of cereal or leftovers...your choice! Lovely 3-on-3 basketball game with the kids. Allow me to expound:

Church was wonderful. Jam Packed to be sure. But, a nice message. In Luke 24:11, it says, "but they did not beliee the women because their words seemed to them like nonsense." The women were telling them that Jesus wasn't in the tomb, but that he was alive. SO, if having faith in a risen Lord sounds like nonsense to you...don't worry, it sounded like nonsense to the first diciples at first also.

Egg hunt. This is an annual tradition where we hide eggs filled with jelly beans all over the place. I think there is still one or two that we haven't found. THe one big downside tot his is that I do believe I ate approximately 1,276,999,475 jelly beans yeaterday.

Dinner. Well, what can I say? We don't live by any family and the kids would really just turn their noses up at a big ham/potatos/vegetables dinner anyway. So, instead of making Easter dinner like every other dinner we usually haave, I just take a break and give the kids the traditional cereal dinner. Although I can't really callit traditional because sometimes we go to McDonalds.

Basketball game. This was ROb's idea and it actually turned out to be fun. Team "Um" was me, Jonathan and Ryan. Team "Red Balls" (from Lingo) was Rob, Trisha, Jaden. Team "Red Balls" won by one basket, with Trisha scoring the winning basket. Several injury time outs were taken, not for physical injuries, but for the emotional injuries inflicted from the frustration of not being able to score a basket. But, that was just Rob!!! HA_HA only kidding!!

I ended the day, for some bizarre reason, looking at my Jr. High yearbook. Yup, good ole' Clifford H. Smart Jr. High School. Was Jr. High a good experience for anybody really?? I think not.

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