Friday, April 07, 2006


I hate thinking of titles...

Anyway, I can't get a friend off my mind. This poor lady has just had one family member after another diagnosed with medical problems. And, now, today it's her husband...a 40 year-old guy with a strange mass and a biopsy. I have told God that I will not be impressed if it's cancer. I really won't be. It boggles my mind that some people seem to get slammed with problems while others live scott-free. This life is not fair. That's a lesson some smart people (my parents) tried to teach me when I was younger. I think I am only now starting to "get it". It reminds me of a quote I heard recently that this life here on earth is as close as believers will ever get to hell. Close enough for me, thanks. Sadly, and I do hate to mention this, it is also as close as non-believers will get to Heaven. I pray that my friend's husband will be fine.

On a much lighter note, a few people have wondered why I didn't mention on my blog the fact that I rammed into a friend's lightpost yesterday and knocked it right off the ground. Pretty clean cut, I might add. OF course, I am mortified and told her to please send me the bill, but the reason it didn't really hit my radar as being something to blog about is because of my driving record. I mean you really can't have high hopes for someone who rams their car into a gas pump for her first official act of driving with a license. (A brand new car too, might I add).

BTW, as I am typing this, I hear the doorbell. I go and answer the door and it is Ryan...with a daffodil for me. "Isn't it pretty?" he says. "Smell it." he says. "I gave it to you because you don't feel well." "Do you have a cup for it? It's real you know". What a sweetie pie, so thoughtful. Let's just not mention to the neighbors that one of their daffodils is missing!

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