Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Boredom Happened So Fast...

It didn't take long folks. In fact, I think it was about 9:15 this morning when the first, "I'm bored" of the summer was uttered. However, my children are creative and have come up with some new games of their own. Here are my top three:

3. Who can fight over the most ridiculous thing? The current winner is Jaden and Ryan for their heated "My foot stinks more than yours" argument.

2. How many kicks does it take to get your sibling to yell out for mom. I know sounds like fun. A spin-off of that game is how many times can you jump on your sibling's head before they yell for mom.

And, my favorite so far....

1. Guess in which bodily oriface I have hidden a small chess piece. At least, I assume that is what they were playing, otherwise, why would Ryan have put a small pawn up his nose?!?!

It's gonna be a long summer, folks :)

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