Saturday, June 17, 2006


Trisha had her gymnastics show last night. She did a beautiful job!! SHe knew where she needed to be and she did all of her stations well; beam, floor, vault, bars, everything! She even did great on teh bars which she told me was something she was nervous about because she wasn't very good at the trick they had to do. She did it perfectly. Way to go, Trisha!!

BTW, Trisha is also owner of a very successful pet sitting business. She has worked with dogs, cats, ferrets, fish, hamsters, etc. She can watch pets at your house or ours. SHe has several return cutomers including Missy the cat, Jenna the dog, and Hunny and Hunter the dogs.


hunterdoxie said...

Hey Trisha ,
Way to go We loved hearing about your pet sitting business, and would highly recommend you to watch us again Hunny and Hunter Butka

noblekleigh said...

My niece is the cutest niece in the world :)

AmyinMotown said...

Dude, totally expect a package FedExed sometime tomorrow with a stinky beagle in it. You DID indeed say "our house or yours," right? How much does Trisha charge per day? And at what point does it become cheaper to just pay for college?