Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ode to the Sack Ladies

My 0-5 Fantasy Football Team...

It was so much fun that warm August night
I was so proud of my draft, I left in delight.
"I will beat everyone", I thought with a grin.
This is my year. I'm gonna win!

Shaun Alexander was my very first pick
He's really good. He'll do the trick.
Where is he you may ask if you don't already know
He's sitting at home with a big broken toe.

Next came Williams, Cadillac that is.
Last year, as a rookie that kid was a whiz.
This year, however; it's just not the same.
In fact, his whole team is really quite lame.

Domanick Davis was pick number three.
Three solid running backs. I was filled with glee.
But that pick didn't get me very far.
I think Mr. Davis now sells used cars.

Then there was Chad Johnson, Delhomme, and Big Ben
They haven't done much...where have they been?
Oh well, people say it's all only for fun.
I'm just hoping this weekend I finally win one!


noblekleigh said...

Very witty...however I must say that some of this poems is a farce. Chad Johnson was drafted to the Missouri Misanthropes :)

tripmom827 said...

Well, the Sack Ladies is my other fantasy football team in the Better Halves League, not the Sorry Amateurs League. As Rob and I say, if you can't run at least 2-3 fantasy teams a season, you're boring.