Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Musings on a Friday Evening

Jonathan scored his first U-10 goal last weekend. It was a perfect goal too. I was so excited for him, since it was frustrating him that he hadn't scored a goal since he moved up. Let me tell you how excited I was for him: when I jumped up and cheered, I peed my pants. Lovely. I remember days of long ago when I had Kegels. No more. As a side note, the more I cheer for these sporting events, the more I realize I am my mother.

Why is it that Ryan loves to do the most dangerous activity available to him? It's as if he looks around and says I could sit here and color or I could play with knives...I think I will play with knives. He never chooses the safe, calm, quiet thing. Why is that? Like the other day, I come out of my house to discover RYan standing on the top of my van with a light-saberin his pajamas. What process does the mind go through to think up an idea like that?

Did I mention that Trisha is a wee-bit "emotional" lately? I think I have...

Jaden is fine. Pretty normal, actually.

Rob, who's Rob??? I haven't seen him lately. Although we are going to an adult Halloween party together tomorrow night. He is going to be a Steelers fan and I am going to be a terrible towel. I'm so freakin creative...I tell you. Plus, as an added benefit, if something should happen to win the door prize and jump up in excitement, it can dry me off when I pee my pants :)


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Dianne said...

It's fine for you to pee your pants at your son's game; it is not fine to make your friends do the same while they're sitting at work, laughing their heads off. This is the only post I have time to comment on but all of your recent ones had me LOL! You are one hilarious woman.