Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I love fall. Just so many wonderful memories around this time fo the year. Plus, it is so pretty. When I was in Lansing a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but think of my days in college. College is a great thing. I can remember many in-depth, philosophical conversations I had over the course of my 4+ years there. Some of which changed the direction of my life. One such conversation involved this guy:

Sparty is the huge sort of mascot statue that sits in the middle of everything. You had to pass by him at least once a day to get anywhere. One afternoon, a coupple of friends and I had a lengthy and heated discussion over what time of the day would be the best to, um, defecate on Sparty. I think the criteria was finding a time when no one would see you do it, but also a time when lots of people would come by shortly thereafter. I think we talked about this for like an hour. Like I said, philosphical. Life-changing. And, only in college!


msuspartan99 said...

So what did your friends decide WAS the best time of the day?

tripmom827 said...

My tired old brain doesn't quite remember...I think 10:00 in the morning...what do you think?

msuspartan99 said...

oh geez, that is way too senseless for me to even consider. When I was in college, MY friends were way too busy studying and debating important topics that would someday change the world.

AmyinMotown said...

Ahem, as the person who WAS THERE and probably spent the most time with both of you in college, I call you-know-what on "MSU Spartan's" comments.

And I believe we ascertianed that 10:00 was optimal, because most people would be either leaving 9:10s or hheading to 10:20s. Perhaps 11?