Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Look What I Got

Finally. It's like I'm finally coming into the 2000s! I got some gift cards for Xmas from my boss and this is what I bought. I feel really cool with it, I must admit! So, anyway, I did a shuffle of my songs and here were the first 10:

1. Praise You With the Dance

2. Baby Got Back

3. Everybody Dance Now

4. Now that We Found Love

5. Hey man, Nice Shot

6. Consuming Fire

7. Pump up the Jam

8. Ride Like the Wind

9. Blister in the Sun

10. Everything's Zen

Just a fun, eclectic mix and it's all mine!! :-) Who knows, before long, I might even have a page on MySpace!


Mindy said...

Hey, I got one of those for Christmas too! Only it's plain old white. If I had my pick it would have been red because that's my favorite color. They are a lot of fun!

noblekleigh said...

Oooh...if you go on myspace we can be friends! It'll be'll be my third family member that is a friend :) DO IT! Ha...

Tracie Butka said...

OK enough lurking I have decided to post, here it is:
You have some great selections of music. I can just see you walking and jamming to your beats.

AmyinMotown said...

Where is Buffalo Stance? since the rest of the non-Christian music appears to be stuff we rocked out to in college!!! I actually share an IPod with Paul, which is pretty funny becauuse while we like much of the same music, he has some questionable taste. I actually gave him an ITunes gift card and part of the gift was that I couldn't mock what he bought! I think he's trying to break me, he downloaded an Asia song the other day.

Dude, get to Brett's blog right NOW. You will laugh. Oh yes, you will laugh.