Monday, January 22, 2007

A lot has changed...

since I was last pregnant 7 years ago. For example, 7 years ago, I ate lunch meat like it was going out of style. Turns out, it actually was going out of style. At least for pregnant ladies. It seems I can catch some strange bacterial illness from lunch meat and it's now banned.

7 years ago, during those transition weeks between regular clothes and maternity clothes, you were stuck using rubber bands and long shirts. NOW, they have these things called Belly Bands that you can use over your old pants. Just leave them unbuttoned, pull up the belly band and voila! no one can even tell your pants are completely undone.

Those were interesting changes, but this one is the most interesting of all: 7 years ago, as your pregnancy progressed, your belly would be begin to expand and stick out. NOW, it appears that back ends are now the part that beings to expand and stick out.

What other changes/surprises are ahead? I can only guess. Maybe in the past 7 years, labor has become less painful!!

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AmyinMotown said...

Whnen I was pregnant three years ago, we didn't have belly bands! What a great idea!

Unfortunately, I also had the "Am I carrying the baby in my BUTT???" experience. Sigh....