Friday, February 08, 2008

Missing Items

Following is a list of items currently missing from our home. If found, please return them to Kiddyland as soon as possible. Thank you.

My cell phone
My bank card
My camera
Trisha's left clog
Trisha's socks that save "Love" on them.
Jaden's right tennis shoe
Jonathan's shin guards
2 envelopes to send in for class picture day
1 elementary school directory for 2007-2008. (Although in searching for that one, I finally found the one from 2006-2007 that had previously been missing!)
Ryan's half-eaten pack of Strawberry Bubble Yum
High School Musical 2 Soundtrack (although I have a sinking suspicion that a certain adult male in the family might have been in on that one.)
My sanity

One of my children suggested that maybe someone has been breaking into our house at night and stealing stuff. I wasn't so sure about that until the Bubble Yum went missing. Now, I think they might be on to something. In fact, that might also explain why the house is messy all of the time. It boggles my mind how I can clean, clean, clean all day long and then wake up in the morning and the house is all messy. Yes! Someone has been breaking in, taking our Bubble Yum, and throwing crap all over the place. It's genius, really.

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