Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Love being a soocer mom

Our last soccer games of the fall season were this past Saturday. I just love soccer. I love watching the kids play and work together as a team. This past weekend Ryan scored a goal that would have made the ESPN highlights had they been taping it. That was very exciting, but what was more exciting was the look of pride and accomplishment on Ryan's face. Both boys played on (how shall I put this gently) not your best teams. We don't keep score in our league, but don't tell that to Jonathan. He knows the score of just about every game. This last game was close, but it started off with the other team scoring several goals right off the bat. The opposing coach thought it would be a good idea (apparently) to cheer on his team by saying, "Easy Game! Easy Team!" I wanted to punch him. However, the first thing Jonathan said after the game was, "that game made me smile in my heart!" Awww....he makes me smile in MY heart.

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