Thursday, November 17, 2005

Parent/Teacher Conferences

I don't really know why the thought of going to P/T conferences has me in such an uproar. It's probably because I got totally slammed/blind-sided last year. I mean, no matter what the teachers have to say, I know I have great kids. We are a different family. I'm sure the teachers don't run across too many families with four kids including a set of triplets and a boy in a wheelchair. I understand that sometimes judgements are made about the way that we do things, but these are generally made by people who haven't walked in my shoes. I also understand that we as a family value certain things that may seem foolish to others. FOr example, we value church and God and center our lives around Him. We value the needs of others and of recognizing that none of us is the center of the world. We value working together as a family team. Teachers don't always like that...they like indivuality above all else.

As it turns out, though, this year I had nothing to worry about. This year, their teachers see the same great things in my kids that I do. They see that Trisha is bright, compassionate and self-motivated. They see that Jonathan is a clever thinker and a funny kid. They see that Jaden is a hard worker and has a unique ability to bring a class together. And, they see that Ryan, although he started off slow, is creative, fun, and really, really bright. This is such a gift from the Lord. I am so thankful that each of my kids has a teacher "in their corner", they have a teacher that "gets them" and they have a teacher that really wants them to succeed.


noblekleigh said...

You don't have to post this...

I'm so happy that you had a good report from the kiddies teachers. I just wanted you to know that I think you and Rob have done an amazing job raising my 4 beautiful nieces and nephews. Anytime I brag about them to friends or co-workers I always tell them that the kids are very well disciplined and have great parents to look up to. Sure, things get a little sticky sometimes - literally, but I don't think any two people in the world could have raised them better! I admire you all!!

Also, I don't even want to know why those words came up in a conference :)

tripmom827 said...

Um, I think I do have to post that! And, things do literally get sticky sometimes. Just wait till you see them on Wed. Thanks for your kind words. And, I'll tell you the OS story when I see you!