Monday, September 25, 2006

An Open Letter to MIchigan Drivers

God help you!

I know that your economy depends on cars being bought/sold. Therefore, you must reason, that if you drive crazy and wreck a car and buy a new one, everyone wins. That's the only thing I can figure. Several questions...

1) If I am going 75 in the right lane, why do you ride my tail and get irate?
2) Conversely, how come I can be practically riding your bumper going 70 and then have to get up to 85 to pass you? Most cars built after 1974 have cruise is a lovely thing.
3) IN most states, the left lane is used as a passing lane. If you have 300 cars in line behind you, a good thing to do is pull over and let the faster traffic through.

And, to the lady in Ann Arbor with the "Peace" etc. bumper stickers including one that said, "Hitting kids is never OK": Do you see the irony in yourself when you weave in and out of traffic with your child in the car going at least 80 MPH? Just curious.

Thank you...I feel much better now.

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