Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Some Interesting Comversations

I had this weekend... I'll keep the names confidential to protect the innocent.

This one struck me as strange:

Me to Son #1 who came downstairs after sleeping in his underwear: "Son, what's all over the front of your underwear?"
S1: "Chocolate"
Me: "Ummm, how did you get chocolate all over the front of your underwear"
S1: "I was eating chocolate in bed."
Me: "Okaaaaaay."

This one made me laugh:

Son #2(these are not in birth order, don't try to guess) was trying to do the Hand Jive from Grease. After messing up a few times, S2 exclaims: "Great! Now I'll never get in Grease the Musical!"

Here's another:

During the playing of Family Basketball last night (or, as I call it, the time where I sit inside terribly embarrased at my children's lack of ability to get along with one another) Son #1 was really being uncooperative. I asked him to come inside and I told him he was being uncooperative. He got very upset, indeed. After he calmed down, I asked him why he got so upset. He said that he didn't like my calling him a name. I said, "Uncooperative?" He said, "Yes. I don't even know who Uncle Ofrative is!"

I can't tell you any about Trisha since that would be a dead give-away! :)

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