Friday, September 29, 2006


Since that last post prompted such heated debate...let me explain what he meant by the quote.

I heard a guy saying that parents today put way too much of a value on a good education. Not that higher education isn't a good thing, but that true greatness can't be achieved through education. Nor is education a leading indicator of how much someone will make when they grow up. nN fact, he sited research that showed that kids who were A students most likely grow up to be educators. C students having given up on trying to keep up are most likely to become entrepeneurs. Thus, A students teach B students to work for C students.

I think I may have needed to hear that. Not that I necessarily agree with him. I'll give you a "for instance". We had Open House at school on Monday. It was a wonderful evening. And, although they say they are not supposed to talk about individual performance. I did hear really good things from all of the good teachers. And, I mean really top of the class good. And, this boggles my mind. Because, in reality, I have done everything wrong. Some of it wasn't entirely my fault. I mean the triplets were born premature. They spent weeks in the hospital. They weren't held all the time to help those brain synapses get going, I didn't breastfeed, I barely read to them. I let them watch Teletubbies and other programs and I let them eat sugar and play video games. So, I ask you? How in the world are they doing so well?? I stand in awe..I tell you. And, I believe it is a miracle! You tell me without saying it's a miracle how Jaden, who had a 7 minute cardiac arrest at 4 weeks old is reading at a 6th grade ++ level. It's impossible.

But, here's the thing. I can't put all of my hope on that. In fact, if all my kids do is do really well at school, then I have failed as a parent. If I haven't taught them that all of that is rubbish compared to the surpassing greatness of Christ (Phillipians 3), then I have failed.

It would be nice if the fact that in 3rd and 1st grade they are doing well in school meant that they would do well in life. It would be nice if there were some "leading indiciators" that would tell me if they would lead wonderful, fulfilling, adult lives where they serve God and others and have wonderful people in their lives who support and love them through ups and downs. I just don't know if there are. Which is why I keep praying...

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Mindy said...

I wanted to post a comment to that quote but I forgot all about it. I agree completely. I was an A student and I was proud of it then, but then I grew up and realized nobody really cares. Calculus and Shakespeare have not helped me one bit in the real world. Actually, I did learn an important lesson from my calculus teacher, but it had nothing to do with calculus. The lesson was to never ever give up. Other good things to learn are how to work hard, have integrity, and communicate effectively with others.

I know your kids have an amazing grasp on these lessons and I think you're doing a great job with them!