Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Calgon, take me away!

OK, it was one of THOSE mornings. Y'know the kind that make you want to crawl up in a ball and cry like a little baby... if only you had the time. It was a homework lost, shoes lost, socks lost, I don't like this outfit, these tights hurt my legs, where is my chapstick, what are those strange brown sausages on the living room floor (Poop from the dog we are babysitting) how can we expect to find anything in this crap pit we like to call a home type of morning.

SO, after the children left and I was beginning to clean out the crap pit, I see it. I'm hoping it is not what I think it is, but sadly, it is. It is Jaden's diaper. Not his dirty one from overnight, the totally clean one he was supposed to put on instead. So, I'll have to go up to school and change him. "Hello, School Secretary, this is so very obviously irresponsible mom calling, apparently Jaden did not change his diaper this morning." Long silence. I know what she's thinking, so I think right back: yes, I make him change his own diaper, no, I obviously didn't spend any time with him at all this morning. yes, I am a candidate for worst mother of the year.

As I get up to school, my humiliation mounting, I hear School Secretary calling Jaden. Hello, please send Jaden down to the health office right away. Teacher says something, probably about how it's a busy time. School secretary says, "Ok, well mom is waiting here in the health office, Jaden needs to come down right away." It's not that I don't appreciate her being sensitive to my schedule, it's just that Jaden has a bit of an "anxiety problem" and other than annoucing to the whole class that he had a load of crap in his pants and needed to be changed, that was probably the worst thing she could've done to Jaden.

At any rate, a few minutes later, I hear a crying JAden and his parapro saying, "Oh, I'm sure it's nothing major, Jaden, don't worry about it."

Got him changed and then went to WalMart to get some carpet cleaner to deal with the strange brown sausages on my living room carpet...being a mother, it's so rewarding. I'd take a warm bath like the books suggest to calm nerves, but I'd have to scrub the tub first...there is always that cookie dough in my fridge!!

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