Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The DH

I just arrived home to find that my dear husband has sent me flowers for Valentines Day...they are beautiful. It makes me think about how great he is. I mean, he really is. And, it's not because he gives me flowers. It's because I know that one of the number one goals in his life is to be a good husband. It's not to rise to the top of his profession, or bring home the big bucks. I know that lots of men of our age are obsessed with those things, but that doesn't really hold any appeal for him. Being a good husband, a good father...those are his life goals. He really spends time thinking about how he can be better to me. He actually spends time trying to figure me out, which as anyone who knows me can attest, is not an easy job. He readily gives up his own wants and rights to appease me...in fact, he even watched some of TiVod Desperate Housewives with me last night...I know that is torture for him. He really tries to build me up, not just so he can get lucky, but because he really sees things in me that I just don't quite see yet. I am a blessed, blessed woman.

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tripdad827 said...

I'm afraid it is just so I can get lucky. Sorry to burst your bubble.