Thursday, February 09, 2006

Obligatory Posting...

I've been in a panic as of late. See, it has been several days since I've posted and I know I *should* post often, so that everyone* who reads this blog does not get bored. I don't know what to post about though. Sure, the Steelers won the Super Bowl and there was a crazy parade. But, who wants to talk about that. I think I know what the problem is: I am too busy to think of a blog topic. My life is running at Mach speed lately, and it begs the question: why do I let things get so out of control? Why am I not a better protector of my schedule? Why do I feel the need to pack my schedule full of everything?

I remember while at Michigan State and in a student ministry, they said that people who packed their schedule with too many things usually are suffering from lonliness. See, they are always running from one thing to the next so that they never have to be alone. Hmmm....wonder if that is my problem? Maybe. But, more likely is that there are so many good things out there to do, and I have a hard problem figuring out which good thing is God's best for me. And, I like to be busy. I always loved the deadline pressure of Journalism school. When I'm under pressure, I perform much better. But, lately, it's too much.

I've decided that I am only getting involved in things that will directly impact the welfare of my children. MEaning: goodbye Republican political involvement, goodbye women's ministry, along with some other things as well. Hopefully, that will help. Well, I've gotta run. I have to take Jaden to therapy, then pick up Trisha from gymnastics, come home and make dinner and then go to the PFO meeting, come home and do homework with the kids and then go to bed.

* by everyone, I mean the two people who actually read and respond to my posts :-)


Anonymous said...

You do let your life get pretty crazy. Just the other day, I was telling someone, "Boy, that Nicole sure is neat, but I hardly ever get a chance to talk to her because she's always running around. I wonder if she knows how neat she is. Maybe that's why she's involved in so much stuff -- she wants to share her neatness with everyone."

noblekleigh said...

I'm sure the Republican stuff wont be missed...;)

maki said...

Hi, Nikki,

Fun to catch up on your "doings." It seems like the more talents God gives us, the harder it is to prioritize! But you sure pick a worthwhile life when you choose your family. I know I'm pretty prejudiced, though.
Love, :-) Maxine