Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Y'know there comes a time in every camel's life when she is just a few straws short of a broken back. This does not happen infrequently to this camel. I'm sure you moms can relate. It's interesting because I've been studiing the life of David in my Bible Study and I learned this week that he, too, got exhausted. It was from fighting the same old battle over and over and over again. He had let his physical needs for rest and for proper nutrition go unmet. And, he felt like he was the "only one" who was battling this old enemy. I can sure relate to David. Nothing can exhaust me like fighting the same battle over and over, whether it's a behavior issue with the kids or a medical issue with Jaden, sometimes I just get tired. I know that I am not good about making sure I get proper nutrition, and I'm pretty good at running myself ragged pretty much with things I don't really need to be doing. And, I know I often feel like I am the "only one" who could possibly understand what I'm going through.

The cure to David's exhaustion was to let other people come in and fight the battle for him. Other men saw his exhaustion, told him to leave, and fought the battle for him. He went and retreated and spent time alone with God. I am learning that the cure to David's exhaustion is also the key to mine: letting people in to fight battles for me. Sometimes by letting them physically helping me and other times, by letting them know what's going on and so they can pray for me. Retreating away to spend time with the Lord is also key. I am thankful for my friends who know me well enough to know when I am exhausted. And, I am also thankful that God has used me to fight battles for others who are weary too.

One thing I heard this week is sometimes exhaustion comes because it is God's way of signaling that you need to make a change. So, that's something I'll have to look at. As mentioned in earlier posts, I do tend to be a bit of a "joiner" and get a little "overextended", which can add to my exhaustion from time to time. Maybe it's time to make some changes.

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