Tuesday, March 21, 2006


To me, Ryan is like the perfect 5-year-old boy. He's got just the right combination of craftiness and cuteness, sweetness and sassiness. He is eager to learn, loves his brothers and sister and is very affectionate. He says really cute things like, "I thought about Jesus all day today, even at school" and "I think when I get older I will tell Trisha's children about Jesus." When I asked about his children, he said, "Nope. Just Trisha's " :-) He's got a spark to him, that Ryan and he loves to have fun. He tries so hard to be a good boy and most of the time he succeeds, it's just that sometimes he gets a crazy idea and runs with it...literally. And, when he runs with that idea, danger is usually involved in the equation. So, when I got called from BIble Study this morning to come to Ryan's aid, it was no surprise to me whatsoever that he hit his forehead and ripped it open (again). Yes, by again, I mean this is the third time he has split his head open. The second time he had to have stitches. 3 of them. Right on his forehead. On the way into Bible Study this morning, he was telling me about what a brave boy he is. He sure had yet another chance to prove it. Poor Little Dude. I love those little scars on his little forehead. It's one more thing about him that makes him perfect. Oh, and, for an added bonus, school secretary calls and asks me to pick up Jaden, who is sick. I tell her that I will be happy to pick him up as soon as I get out of the ER with Ryan :) I know she thinks I have a great life!!


tripdad827 said...

How about today's quote?

"But mom, we've never seen High Stakes Poker before..."

noblekleigh said...

I think you have a great life.