Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Game Show Network

It seems we've developed an addiciton to the Game Show Network. I think interest was peaked about game shows when I got to sit in the hot seat at Millionaire Play It! in Disney. At any rate, channel 52 has become a very important fixture in our lives. I think it may be starting to be a problem though...here are some recent conversations I've had, tell me what you think:

Me: "Jaden, what did you do with your homework?"
Jaden: "I stuffed it in my blank."

Me: "Trisha we can either go to the Library or go to Target."
Trisha: "B. Target. Final Answer."

So, it's hard to tell whether or not we watch too much game show network. One thing I know for sure is next time the kids aren't really participating during family clean time, I'm going to try this: "100 people surveyed, top 5 answers on the board, what punishment will happen to children if they do not clean up their toys after they are done playing with them?"

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noblekleigh said...

Thats ok when my friends and I are upset about something we also say...

Me: "Apple...A-P-P-L-E"
My Friend: "Ding ding ding da ding...thats a good LINGO, go ahead and pull out a ball and get over it."
Me: "oh a stopper...I can't get over it"

Or the ever popular bad lingo when we are REALLY upset..
Me: "Apple...A-P-P-E-L"
My friend: "ding ding ding bum bum."

I suppose we think we are funnier than we really are :) And I'm sure it would be more funny if you heard us make the noises not just type them. Have a superb day :)